Chips 4 Life is a European research Collaborative project
supported by the European Commission under the Health Cooperation Programme
of the 7th Framework Programme -Grant Agreement 278720
seventh  drapeau-europe

September 1st-2nd 2014
The M33 consortium meeting took place in Brussels, Belgium. All Chips 4 Life partners took part.

June 11th 2013

18M meeting of the Chips 4 Life consortium in Zurich, Switzerland.
April 2013
Chips 4 Life is present at the European Network Corner of the ECCMID meeting in Berlin (27-30th April 2013). Coris Bioconcept and Pathofinder will also have boots for the companies with project leaflets available.

January 11th 2013

12M meeting of the Chips 4 Life consortium in Liege, Belgium

June 5th 2012

The Chips 4 Life website is online.


 April 2012

Chips 4 Life was present at the ECCMID meeting in London (March 31st - April 3rd 2012), as well as Coris Bioconcept and Pathofinder.


March 2012

The Chips 4 Life presentation leaflet is available